Creative well dressings keep ancient art alive in Saddleworth

TWO creative well dressings are on display in the community for a limited time only.

One of the brightly coloured tableaux has been made by volunteers at Saddleworth Museum and currently sits on the ornamental stone well in front of the museum in Uppermill.

It features a mother and child facing a solider as they got caught up in the Peterloo Massacre in Manchester 200 years ago.

The second well dressing is nearby at the Sacred Heart and Saint William Catholic Church on the village high street.

It depicts two bicycles in front of the Saddleworth hills with Pots and Pans in the background – created to mark the Tour of Britain passing through the area on September 14.

The ancient tradition of well dressing is a summer custom practised in rural England in which wells, springs or other water sources are decorated with designs created from flower petals.

Previous well dressings made by volunteers have been dedicated to suffragette Annie Kenney from Springhead or celebrating the area’s stunning scenery.

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