Dobcross school to remain closed after holidays as teachers back Union safety advice

HOLY Trinity C of E School, Dobcross has confirmed it will only open to educate key worker and vulnerable children tomorrow (Monday, January 4) – the scheduled first day back for Saddleworth primary school pupils after the Christmas holidays.

Headteacher Elizabeth Travis confirmed the news in a letter to parents and carers published on the school website.

Miss Travis says the majority of teachers are following the advice of the National Education Union.

The NEU claims it is not safe for teachers to return to work if a school is in a tier four area.

Holy Trinity Primary School, Dobcross

In a statement the NEU says: “The advice to members is that it is, in our view, unsafe for you to attend the workplace at present.

“We have written to all employers and all head teachers and principals giving this same advice and asking them to make preparations for a move to remote learning instead.

“This advice applies to all primary and secondary schools, special schools and SEND settings, colleges and early years settings.”

However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged parents to send children back to primary school despite concern about increasing coronavirus cases.

In Holy Trinity’s letter Miss Travis says: “I have risk assessed the return of all pupils and decided that it is not safe to do so due to the lack of staff to ensure the well-being and safety of our children.

“The school will therefore only be open to Key Worker children and vulnerable children only.”

She concluded: “Please accept my apologies for the lateness of this information. The decision was made by the NEU on Saturday afternoon and we have responded to the announcement as quickly as possible.

“As further information becomes available, we will keep you informed.”

The full letter can be accessed via


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