Dobcross writer sets up social group for local homeworkers

A NEW social group been launched by a Dobcross writer who wants to help tackle isolation for people who work from home.

p15 john and his notebook
HOME WORKER: John Matthews

John Matthews, a writer and owner of Bigger Picture films, decided to set up ‘Sadd Home Workers Group’ after realising he could bring together many people like himself.

John explained: “We have an office in Manchester but I choose to work from home most of the time. For ten years I did not even have a window to look out of as my office was in my loft.

“It can become very lonely and isolating. However, I realised by joining a local art group that socialising once or twice a week can make a massive difference and break up the week.

“However this is not a networking club – we do not want a load of professionals trying to sell their services.”

The group will be run entirely through a Facebook page and members will meet twice a month at local venues to chat and relax.

John added: “If you are a local homeworker based in or around Saddleworth, then I ask you to join my page. We will meet every other Tuesday lunchtime or more often if we want.”

John is asking local cafes, restaurants and pubs to support the group by offering a simple two-course meal and a drink for £10.

“I’ve just spent a week in Italy and this kind of meal for a tenner is available everywhere and eating out is something ordinary people do there all the time,” he said.

“So I intend to create this culture locally and also break the monotony of many who work alone at home.”

Julie, who run a small business from her home in Greenfield, welcomed the new group to help her add something different into her routine.

She said: “I am excited the new group as it will give me a change of scenery every now and then, and the chance to socialise which I often miss with working from home.”

To find out more about the group, go on their Facebook page. If you are a restaurant café or pub or other and want to provide a £10 two course lunch with a drink, please send a message to John via the Facebook page.


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