Does Saddleworth receive value for money for its Council Tax payments?

FIGURES revealed under a Freedom of Information request show Saddleworth residents provide nearly a quarter of all Oldham Council’s Tax revenue.

Flooding in Greenfield in 2017

Almost £20 million is raised from Saddleworth’s three wards while the borough’s 17 other wards provide the remaining £73 million.

Individually, Saddleworth South comes top of the list with a contribution of £7.009m.

Overall, the Parish gives £19,555,762.69 towards an overall total of £93,661,421.14.

Now Parish Councillor, Jamie Curley asks if it is time to re-evaluate the relationship between Saddleworth and Oldham.

With delays in road repairs and lack of action on flooding, Cllr Curley questions if the people of Saddleworth are getting value for money.

“The transfer of responsibilities for items such as litter and cleaning, road repairs and flood remediation and more crucially planning could be made to Saddleworth with a small portion of the Council Tax revenue retained,” he says.

“This would allow for decision making to be taken at a local level and for greater accountability.

“With many planning decisions we want to move away from, ‘Oldham knows best’ and have the real ability to make informed decisions which will benefit the community rather than being seen by residents as a way of milking revenue from Saddleworth.

“Many projects are planned in Oldham, and that is a good thing.

“But what about investment in Saddleworth for infrastructure, employment and the environment?

“Many residents feel that Saddleworth is in danger of becoming a dormitory for Manchester and Leeds, and that we are losing the unique character of the area along with the vibrancy and vitalism of our villages.

“There is also a pressing need to ensure we maintain employment opportunities, particularly with sunrise and high tech industries.

“This is an opportunity to forge a real working partnership between Oldham, Saddleworth and the community plus reduce the burden on Oldham Council as many other councils, such as in Cornwall, are beginning to do.”

What do you think? Email or write to: Saddleworth Independent, Units 3-4, 45 High Street, Uppermill, OL3 6HS.


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