Dog owners’ dilemma

A DOG-LOVING couple’s act of kindness has landed them with an eye-watering vets bill.

PUPPY LOVE: Charlotte cuddles dog Tilly
PUPPY LOVE: Charlotte cuddles dog Tilly

Their problems began after Stephen Battersby stopped on a busy main road to rescue a stray young puppy who was causing havoc with passing traffic.

Stephen scooped up the pup and ] returned to his Springhead home where it was immediately befriended by his daughter’s own pet dog, Tilly, a nine-year-old Siberia huskie.

Said Stephen: “The puppy had become real menace. He was dodging in and out of traffic snapping at motorists tyres and faced the real danger of being killed or causing a serious accident.

“I took him home for safety’s sake. My daughter Charlotte decided to let the pup and our dog have a romp in the snow in our garden. They got on really well but Tilly got accidentally knocked over in a playful scrum.

“Tilly rested overnight but it was clear in the morning she was limping with an injury to her right back leg. We took her to a vets for examination and X-ray. That, with sedation, cost more than £200.”

But the Battersby’s faced a bigger shock after the received a note from a radiography referral service saying Tilly had damaged her cranial crucial ligament and it was estimated an operation would cost £3,500.

“We don’t have pet insurance,” Stephen explained. “And I personally don’t have that kind of money to cover the operation.

“I can’t believe that being a good Samaritan would end with such disastrous consequences for our own pet,” he added.

Charlotte, a six form student, said: “ It is heartbreaking seeing Tilly limping around. But she seems to be managing her injury really well. It was just incredible bad luck she was knocked to the ground and hurt herself in such a way.”

The Battersby’s handed the stray pup over to the authorities.

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