Drivers speed towards serious accidents after wall crashes

DRIVERS thundering along the main A635 are causing all kinds of problems by colliding with walls.

And it is a ‘miracle’ there have been no serious incidents on the stretch of Holmfirth Road just outside Greenfield, near to Dovestone Reservoir.Now residents living close by, who have been woken during the night by the sound of vehicles clattering into walls, want speed cameras put up as the 40mph limit is often ignored.

Three times in the last five weeks, home and land owners have found themselves having to either pay for or claim for repairs.

Now calls have been made for either Greater Manchester Police or Oldham Council to do something about the problem before something serious happens.

“My wall has probably been hit three or four times but my neighbours probably 10 times,” one resident said.

“The thing is it’s a 40mph zone as the limit slows down from 60mph but many just ignore that fact and keep thundering down, and up, the hill.

“I’d say it’s probably two or three times a year that the walls have to be repaired.

“It’s a fast road anyway and Dovestone has got a lot more popular over the past few years. It seems like as soon as they are out of Greenfield, they feel they can speed up.

“There have been a couple of time where I’ve been turning into the road and found a speeding car whizzing up at me.

“To be honest, it’s a miracle that no-one has been seriously injured. The ambulance has been called out a couple of times but thankfully no-one crashing has actually hit anyone else.“The road is twisty, particularly coming down, and the stretch is not lit up, meaning it’s tricky during the night, especially if people do not know it.

“Most of the crashes happen at night. Recently one at 11.15pm, one at 3.15am and another at 2am. They wake me up and when I hear the noise, I immediately say, ‘There’s another smashed wall’.”

People living in the area have been in touch with Oldham Council, which is looking into their concerns.

But action rather than words is wanted as the concerned resident added: “A speed camera would be beneficial or at least someone there with a speed gun.

“I don’t think there’s been one on all the time I’ve lived here. Oldham Council has told me it will be looking into the problems and possible solutions to the situation.”

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