Electricity bosses urged to remove ‘carbuncle’ from countryside spot

RESIDENTS in one of Saddleworth’s most scenic and isolated locations are calling for the removal of a recently erected ‘blot on the landscape’.

Locals living on Pobgreen Lane, high above Uppermill, claim a new electricity substation is ruining stunning moorland views and should have been installed in a more suitable area.

They are also annoyed Electricity North West did not undertake a neighbourhood consultation prior to work going ahead.

The substation has replaced around seven telegraph poles but Melanie Buchanan told the Independent: ”Before this was installed the landscape was rural and idyllic, only marginally tarnished by the telegraph poles and lines.

“It has now been totally ruined by the appearance of the substation. It is hard to filter out.
“They never considered the impact on the area. We would like it moved.

“There are so many other places they could have put it where it wouldn’t be seen by anyone other than those driving past.

“They told us it would the size of a BT cabinet. Why put it in such a prominent position? Why didn’t they sink it down a bit?

“I can’t see how they can say they have done it to beautify the area because it is just ugly. It’s a real blot on the landscape, a carbuncle.

“Had we had any indication that a structure the size of the substation was going to be installed we could have lodged a complaint.

“All the unnecessary disruption could have been avoided if some common sense had been used and the location of the substation been revised.”

Martin Edmundson, North Peak operations manager for Electricity North West said: “We have been working closely with the Peak District National Park and Friends of the Peak District since 2015 to remove 950m of overhead power lines and 12 poles in the area.

“This £180,000 project is part of a national initiative to underground overhead power lines in National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

“Removing these power lines will create an uninterrupted view of the beautiful landscape in the area which will be enjoyed by local residents and visitors alike for many years.

“In order for this project to take place and for local customers to receive a reliable supply of power for years to come we replaced an aging pole mounted transformer with a new small substation on Pobgreen Lane with valid consent.

“Alongside the visual benefit of removing the overhead power lines in the area, the modern design of the substation will also allow us greater capability to restore power supplies automatically within a matter of minutes if residents experience a power outage in the future.

“We will be carrying out work to help minimise the impact of the substation, including building a stone wall and planting native bushes around the substation.

“We’ll continue to liaise with residents directly if they have any further concerns about the work that has taken place.”

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