Enthusiastic volunteers needed to keep Greenfield Whit Friday Brass Band Contest alive and kicking

ENTHUSIASTIC VOLUNTEERS are needed to help keep the popular Whit Friday Brass Band Contest alive and kicking in Greenfield.

The annual contest costs around £6,000 to run, with £4,000 prize money for the bands, and is entirely organised by the dedicated committee.

Lesley Garvey with Judy and Frank Rothwell holding the raffle

But Frank Rothwell, committee chair, explained: “Our greatest challenge is not the generosity of the public, it is getting volunteers to assist us on the night.

“We need people to help out for around six hours from 4pm. Some of the committee have done it for decades and just can’t do it anymore.

“We also deliver residents passes to all houses in Greenfield in advance – but we need volunteers to help with that delivery too.”

Plans for the contest are in full swing and a fundraising raffle was held by the committee at Tesco in Greenfield, adding £654.37 to the pot.

Committee members including Lesley Garvey and Judy and Frank Rothwell, who will be replaced as chair by David Allenby next year, flogged the tickets to generous passers-by.

Prizes kindly donated by Tesco included champagne, chocolates, candles, beauty essentials, and shower kits while the King Bill donated a meal for two.

Glynis Williamson, committee treasurer, said: “We would like to say a special thanks to Tesco, especially Greg, for their donation of prizes and allowing us to use the foyer, and also to the King Bill for their meal for two prize.

“Thanks also to the committee members who helped selling tickets and donating prizes.”

To volunteer to help the Whit Friday Brass Band Contest committee call Frank: 07802 938 270.

Raffle Prize Winners

  • Green 336                                           Bottle of Bollinger
  • Light Yellow 26                                     Bottle of Bollinger
  • Pink 166                                              Remy Martin Brandy
  • Orange 36                                           Bottle of Rose Wine
  • Green 141                                           Thorntons Chocolates
  • Green 441                                           Meal for Two at the King Bill
  • Orange 251                                          Lindt Chocolate Bunny
  • Lilac 341                                              Thomas the Tank Toy
  • Pink 391                                              Scented Candle
  • Blue 356                                              Shopping Bag
  • Green 71                                             Guinot Beauty Essentials
  • Pink 276                                              Evening Bag
  • Blue 346                                              Sanctuary Hand Wash Set
  • Light Yellow 56                                     Candle & Shower Goods
  • Bright Yellow 1                                     Bottle of Red Wine
  • Green 6                                               Men’s Mini Travel Toiletries
  • Blue 206                                              Soap Bag & Toiletries
  • Light Yellow 101                                   Men’s Leather Belt
  • Pink 366                                              Shower Kit
  • Blue 91                                                Mug Set

Please Contact Glynis Williamson on 01457 871491 to claim your prize.


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