Extraordinary Easter egg from Uppermill wows at Cake International show

AN EXTRAORDINARY Easter egg created in Uppermill wowed visitors at a top international cake exhibition in London last month.

EXTRAORDINARY: Suzanne with the egg

Suzanne Thorp, who runs The Frostery cake shop, was one of 14 bakers asked to create a 30cm spectacle for the Cake International show on March 27-29 at the Excel.

She was commission by Cake Master magazine with a theme of Easter inspired by top jewellery firm Faberge, who are famous for their egg-based creations for Russian royalty.

Suzanne, who lives in Grasscroft, was left to design and create the egg entirely out of sugar – and added a unique twist as well.

She explained: “I looked at Faberge to come up with the design and then decided to add the Queen of cakes, Mary Berry, on the top.

“It happened to be her 80th birthday two days before as well so it all tied in nicely.”

The egg proved to be a true labour of love as Suzanne, helped by Kim Newton and mum Florence Ratcliffe spent more than 100 hours creating it.

Around 400 delicate hand-cut and hand-painted cloverleaves adorn the outside while a glittering fairy is tucked away as a special surprise inside.

Suzanne, who opened The Frostery three years ago, added: “I really enjoyed making it and it’s the first time I have been asked to do a collaboration.

DELICATE: The handpainted egg

“Most of the others are based in London so I am not sure why they asked me – perhaps they have spotted me at competitions.”

The egg was in the spotlight mounted on a pedestal at the three-day exhibition for the public to marvel at before it was returned to Saddleworth.

And Suzanne revealed she is going to display it in a glass jewellery case for her customers to admire.

The Frostery makes bespoke cakes for all occasions. Find them at 23 Court St, Uppermill or call 01457 778111. You can also visit their website.

Find out more about Cake International and their next show on their website.

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