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Q. I have just returned from my summer holiday and my skin feels very dull and I have started to get spots in the weeks since I have been home.

Is there anything you can recommend to help with the appearance and to clear up the spots, which I never usually suffer with?

A. It is quite a common problem that once the radiant glow of our tan wears off we are left with dry, dehydrated and reactionary skin issues.

The sun has a drying effect on the skin, sapping it of its water content. Air travel and air conditioning also have a dehydrating effect, stripping the skin of its essential oil content, while the necessary veil of sun cream we wear on holiday to protect our skin can create a film on the surface which means when our body tries to regulate temperature via perspiration our pores can become blocked and result in break outs.

One of the best treatments we offer to remedy these conditions is the Guinot Hydradermie Double Pro facial.

This electrical facial uses a combination of galvanic and high frequency technologies with specialised treatment gels and creams to deep cleanse and beautify.

The galvanic current has a soaping effect on the skin to deeply cleanse, tighten pores and promote youthful skin. The high frequency provides a soothing, anti-bacterial effect to leave skin clear and fresh.

During the treatment consultation your therapist will discuss the current condition of your skin and homecare routines and then design a treatment bespoke to your individual needs and desired treatment outcomes.

Specialized treatment gels and products to treat any skincare concern can be used to ensure your skin is radiant, luminous, properly moisturised, more supple and comfortable.

The effects of your facial will continue to show in the skin for up to six weeks when used in conjunction with recommended homecare so you can benefit from long term lasting beauty results.


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