Fascinating facts: winter weather

Royce Franklin, a life member of the Association of Football Statisticians, digs up yet more fascinating facts about football.

WITH THE unexpected cold snap at the end of March and beginning of April my mind went back to 1947 and 1963, the two worst winters I have experienced in my life time.

In 1947 there were no floodlights and any games lost had to be played on Saturdays during an extended season which lasted until June 14.

In 1963, unlike today, the date of a re-arranged game did not have to wait for permission from the Police before any re-scheduling.

In that year Lincoln’s game with Coventry was postponed no less than 14 times.  Rarely these days are replays played before ten days have elapsed but the recent encounter between Millwall and Blackburn played at Ewood Park was an exception.

It is worth noting the postponement of Premier League games is now a rarity and in the cold spell earlier this year none was delayed. This contrasts with Gateshead’s fate.

In common with Football League’s practice all final games in the Conference are now expected to finish on the same day. The Conference play-off final is scheduled for May 5, 2013 after last games on April 20, with semi-finals to be fulfilled in the interim.

At one stage Gateshead had been up to four games behind. Their home game against Newport was postponed four times.

Conference officials ordered Gateshead to play on March 28, 2013. Not at Gateshead but in Boston – a round trip of 368 miles to play a ‘home’ game.

All Conference games have to be played on what are termed Grade A grounds and Boston was reported to be the nearest available on the re-scheduled date.

What’s in a name? Scorers for Braintree in the 2-2 draw with Nuneaton – Marks and Sparkes!

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