Final chance to have your say on how your buses are run

PEOPLE and organisations across Greater Manchester have just a few days left to have their say in a major consultation on how the city-region’s buses should be run.

More than 4,500 responses to the consultation, which closes at 11.59pm on Wednesday, January 8, have already been received.

Currently in Greater Manchester, individual bus companies decide their own routes, frequencies, tickets and standards. The public sector pays to fill in gaps where it can.

In October, Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) became the first city-region in the UK to launch a public consultation on a proposed bus franchising scheme.

This would mean bus services would be under Greater Manchester’s control and GMCA would set routes, frequencies, tickets and standards while bus operators would run the services.

This would allow buses to work better with the rest of public transport – as part of Our Network – Greater Manchester’s vision for a joined-up transport system.

Deputy Mayor Sir Richard Leese said: “Buses are central to Greater Manchester’s transport system.

“However, currently Greater Manchester has very limited control of its bus network as the bus companies decide where the services go.

“But a change in the law means Greater Manchester can change the way we run our buses.

“No decision has been made at this stage and we want to hear from as many people as possible, even if they are not regular bus users, so we get a wide spectrum of views.

“It’s encouraging that we have already heard from thousands of people, but I don’t want anyone to miss out on this once-in-a-generation chance to help shape our city-region’s future bus network.”

Following the public consultation, GMCA will publish a report giving its response. The Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, will then decide whether or not to implement the proposed franchising scheme.

Responses can be made online at (online survey or downloadable questionnaire). Written responses and questionnaires (also available in public buildings across Greater Manchester) can be emailed to or posted to Freepost GM BUS CONSULTATION.

Any questions can be made by email to or by phoning 0161 244 1100.

2 Replies to “Final chance to have your say on how your buses are run”

  1. In August 2018 waiting for a 180 or 184 to Grasscroft,after two buses no showed finally one came very late.I asked the driver why the bus was so late,his reply was that if was not happy with the service get a taxi or buy a car.I took details of the bus including reg and serial number on the side of the bus.I complained to First bus explaining that they were not a charity and that passengers paid for a service and indeed the driver is paid aswell.Got a generic reply from first bus saying that they would respond within hopefully 14 days.That is the last thing I heard from First bus,and that was after a back up complaint from me.What I am saying is that you can have consultations till the cows come home,the Bus companies don’t give a damn.

  2. Arrange an all transport weekly, monthly or yearly pass for travel on trains, teams and buses to cover anywhere in Greater Manchester. This slows for travel flexibility. Travelers can jump on an off different forms of transport if a train or bus does not arrive. Think of or make a different way to get to destination. I have a bus pass now, I missed a train to Manchester by a minute, I thought what do I do for an hour? I will catch the bus which I did. On the bus I thought I this is going to take forever, as I approach Ed Oldham Mumps I thought get of and get a tram, so I did. I would not have done any of that if I had bought a train ticket I would have waited an hour for the next train. A better solution would be make all public transport free and we pay for it in extra tax.

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