Final notes are music to the ears after Youth Band’s musical marathon

IT WAS probably the last thing Dobcross Youth Band needed after its 24-hour fund raising concert.

But never has an encore been more merited than the one called for at the end of the youngsters’ musical marathon.


Dobcross Youth Band

Eventually the last notes of ‘God Save the Queen’ brought the curtain down on the Band’s fantastic command performance of effort and endurance.

It won’t go down as an official Guinness World Record.

However, with an anticipated £8,500 raised in less than three months since the idea was first mooted, the main objective of securing funds for an emotional overseas trip this summer was achieved.

Around 30 children will now travel to Belgium in August to play at the Menin Gate remembrance service in Ypres.

They will also lay a wreath and are collecting names of fallen servicemen with relatives still in the village.

There were plenty of sore lips, bleary eyes and airless lungs at the end of the performance at 12.30pm at Dobcross Band Club on Easter Saturday. But bags of satisfaction too.

“I played about 20 hours but didn’t sleep,” smiled 17-year-old Anna Stevenson, a pupil at Hulme Grammar and a Band member since the age of six. “I am tired now though.


Around 75 players took part in the 24 hour event

“I knew it was going to be hard and it was hard. But it was enjoyable.”

Committee member Pete Mooney said: “It was a spectacular event but it’s all down to the kids who put in the hard work.

“It’s been a real community effort with different schools represented, different bands and ex-players came back.

“Lots of businesses in the area helped out as well.

“The Old Bell and the Swan provided food and the Village Shop gave us groceries to keep us going through the night.

“Everyone pulled together so amazingly.

“Around 75 players took part in the 24-hour event that started on Good Friday with ‘Let Me Entertain You’ and ended with ‘The Final Countdown’.

All the 55-strong Youth Band was involved included beginners with just six weeks experience.

“Some of these kids are wiped out,” added Pete. “But they just carried on playing even when their lips were smashed.

“This Band is going places. We are attracting people all the time and it is organic growth because everyone enjoys playing here.”

Pete also praised conductor, player and organiser Matt Hindle.

“He’s been an absolute force of nature from start to finish,” he said.

Any extra money above the target total will be ploughed back into the Band towards future trips and concerts.

You can still contribute online at:

Dobcross Youth Band are delighted to introduce their new Associate Musical Director, Seth Livingstone, who has taken up the baton of developing the musical talents of their beginners and trainers.

He’s a familiar face to the band as he started out as a cornet player with them aged eight.

He’s now an incredibly talented euphonium player with Rainford Band and a student at RNCM – Royal Northern College of Music.

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