Fish in River Tame killed in pollution spillage

A dam failure in Diggle has led to pollution washing into the River Tame and the death of a number of fish.

Engineers have identified the source of the incident, with one eye witness telling the Independent: “I have never seen the river in such bad order.

“The amount of thick sludge that was pumped down the tributary from Diggle was unbelievable.”

The incident took place on Monday, April 16 with reports of debris in the river in Uppermill and Greenfield.

An Environment Agency spokesperson said: “We are aware of a pollution incident in Diggle Brook, and downstream in the River Tame in Greenfield, Oldham.

“Our investigation has identified the failure of a dam on a small feeder pond resulting in sediment washing down into Diggle Brook.

“The adjacent dam at Black Moss Reservoir has been inspected by a Canal and Rivers Trust engineer and is confirmed as safe and intact.

“We have identified a small number of dead fish and more may appear as the water begins to clear.

“Please report any pollution incidents to our 24hour Incident Hotline on 0800 80 70 60.”

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