Fletcher’s Mill in Greenfield targeted as tourist hotspot?

A DERELICT former paper mill, abandoned for 15 years, is at the centre of Saddleworth’s contribution to a massive housing boom planned for Greater Manchester.

But the proposals to build 227,000 properties in the next two decades will reduce Greater Manchester’s greenbelt land by eight percent.

Robert Fletcher’s Mill in Greenfield has been earmarked as the site for 100 holiday lodges and 120 new homes to “maximise the tourism potential and take full advantage of the site’s unique location in a sensitive and appropriate way.”

A small development of lodges, close to Dovestone Reservoir beauty spot, opened earlier this year. But the new proposals listed in the controversial Greater Manchester Spatial Framework are on a vast scale.

Plan of proposals at Fletchers Mill

The supporting document says of the plans: “the site provides the potential to provide a range of high quality housing in an attractive and desirable rural location.

“It also provides an opportunity to enhance Oldham’s housing offer and contribute to meeting Oldham’s housing need.

“Due to the scenic location of the site, it should be an attractive location for larger and bespoke housing, providing a distinctive offer to the borough’s housing market.”

Public consultation on all Saddleworth and Oldham sites is now open after GM leaders approved the draft GMSF plan last month.

As yet no official Council drop in sessions are planned for the area. However, Oldham’s Planning Chief, Stephen Irvine, has agreed to address members of Greenfield and Grasscroft Residents’ Association on November 10 at the Satellite Centre on Wellington Road.

A number of other Saddleworth sites were considered for inclusion in the draft plan but haven’t made it into the final document. They included: Summershades, Poplar Avenue, Armit Road, Park Lane/Steadway/Boarshurst Lane, Higher Hill Farm, Dacres Hall, Bailey Mill.

Overall GMSF consultation is open until December 23 with feedback possible online at http://gmsf-consult.objective.co.uk, email to GMSF@agma.gov.uk or write to Greater Manchester Integrated Support Team, P O Box 532, Town Hall, Manchester, M60 2LA.

Oldham will contribute 13,700 new homes to the overall GM total with a yearly target of 685.


4 Replies to “Fletcher’s Mill in Greenfield targeted as tourist hotspot?”

  1. Ha so they can build houses here but the land was too contaminated for the New Saddleworth High School strange that…what do others think..x

  2. Attractive location for bespoke housing etc. !!! If they are building why not use the site for affordable housing for people who want to get there foot in the ladder ?? Or as someone commented maybe build the school there instead.

  3. We need affordable housing, not big houses for people with money! this makes me very angry. Besides, as “Lindsey” notes it wasn’t suitable for Saddleworth School, yet suddenly bespoke housing can go there. When is someone going to provide proper houses for ordinary people?

  4. Greenfield- it ain’t gonna be a Greenfield for much longer.

    It is already a traffic corridor for endless traffic and lorries, there are areas without footpaths along Chew Valley road; trying to cross it means y taking you life in your hands. Add to that 200 plus large vehicles (2 per each of the ‘luxury bespoke homes) and you are looking at village whose atmosphere has been ruined, basically creating noise, nitrogen dioxide and a pedestrian unfriendly village.

    Cheers Oldham Council!

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