Friezland Primary pupils get creative for literacy project

YOUNG pupils at Friezland Primary School got imaginative with words and drama for a first-ever inter schools Poetry Competition.
The collaborative literacy project is being run by the Dovestone Learning Partnership to enthuse and inspire youngsters from eight primary schools across the area.
Pupils and staff from Saddleworth School paid a visit to the schools, who each chose a theme for their pupils to explore and write an original poem about.
A selection of the poems will be judged by students and published authors at the Saddleworth Literary Festival in March, with prizes awarded and the works published.
At Friezland Primary, the theme was World War Two and the Blitz, which Year 5 and 6 pupils have been studying in their lessons.
During their first session, students worked with the pupil ambassadors from Saddleworth School to generate ideas and get excited about poetry.
And Graham Unsworth, an IT Technician at Saddleworth School as well as a published author, read out some of his own poems and extracts from his book ‘Captain Blood’.
Then their second session saw pupils explore emotions and feelings through actions as they staged a scene related to World War Two, including hiding in an air raid shelter and escaping from bombs.
And they also looked at making their writing more atmospheric and emotive by adding descriptive words to create a more exciting piece of work.

Friezland Primary School pupils

Miss Rebecca Hall, assistant headteacher and Year 5 and 6 teacher at Friezland Primary, said the pupils had thoroughly enjoyed being part of the project.
“It is great to work with Saddleworth School, as a feeder school, so pupils can get to know other pupils at other schools who are doing the same things,” she said.
“It is also nice as a teacher to collaborate with secondary school teachers and for them to come to us.”
The sessions were run by Heather Michell, English Teacher and Literacy (Language for Learning) Coordinator, along with other staff and pupil ambassadors from Saddleworth School.
The Dovestone Learning Partnership is a Co-operative Trust which aims to help schools work closely together to develop opportunities for children and families in their local area.

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