From Greenfield to Holland: Can you help solve sports car mystery?

A DUTCH classic car enthusiast has appealed for help from Independent readers to trace the history of his pre-World War Two pride and joy.

Pensioner Rob Koch bought his MG sportscar in 1959 and still drives his “cherished” vehicle on Holland’s roads.

The coveted MG (standing for Morris Garages) and which is about 85-years-old, has even featured on the front cover of Dutch magazine GBC.

Rob’s meticulous search for information about his car’s early life has revealed its first owner in 1935 was a Saddleworth vicar-Reverend George F Braithwaite.

The Rev Braithwaite purchased the green MG on July 31 from Imperial Garages, North Shore, Blackpool and lived at Park Lane, Greenfield

St Mary’s Church vicarage – now a private residence – stands on Park Lane.

The Independent’s hunt for information on Rev Braithwaite has discovered he conducted services on January 29 1933 and May 26 1935.

The current Reverend, Barbara Christopher, also confirmed he took Holy Communion on July 14 1935.

Rob, who lives in Heel, Holland, has no knowledge of the MG’s back story from 1935 until he acquired it 24 years later.

“In Holland, hardly any pre-war cars at all survived the German occupation between 1940 and 1945,” Rob, 83, told the Independent.

“Therefore, I am really intrigued by the war time history of this British sportscar.

“Hopefully, your readers can provide further information to reveal more details about this great pride and joy of mine after so many years.”

Documents provided by the MG Car Club Limited 35 years ago include a repair order from the MG Car Company mentioning G.F Braithwaite’s name and a card filed and signed by George F.

Braithwaite, with his address of Park Lane, Greenfield, Oldham.

Do, you know of Rev George Braithwaite, or his relatives? Maybe you owned the car at some stage?

If you can help contact Trevor Baxter via

Or write to Saddleworth Independent, Units 3-4, 45 High Street, Uppermill, OL3 7FQ.

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