Fruit of ‘superhero’ Millie’s labours get under your skin!

A MOSSLEY schoolgirl with ‘special powers’ could become an internet smash.

Millie Tomlin’s spoof superhero video, posted on YouTube, has already proved a hit with fellow pupils and teachers.

Millie filmed her sequences as part of a homework project at Diggle School on Sam Road.

It shows the eight-year-old eating a banana and after a couple of failed attempts turning into Bananaman.

Among her super powers is phenomenal strength that allows her to poke fun at parents for parking on double yellow lines and hatch markings in front of the school.

Proud mum Christina said: “Millie spent ages filming the video as a project.

Millie as Bananaman

“The idea of the project was to research a superhero and do a piece of writing.

“Millie, who also attends Judith Barker’s Drama School loves school. And she wanted to do something a little different so she came up with idea of making a Bananaman video.

“The idea is Millie eats a banana and turns into Bananaman. I think it came out really well.”

The ‘real’ Bananaman was created in 1980 and is the alter ego of schoolboy Eric Wimp living at Acacia Road, Nuttytown.

Millie isn’t the only Diggle School youngster whose talents have been shown to a global audience.

Last summer a Facebook clip of fellow pupil Ollie Blair dancing with Saddleworth Morris Men during their annual Rushcart Festival attracted national headlines and was viewed nearly 25,000 time.


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