Gallery Oldham hosts unique exhibition capturing UK’s peat moorland

GALLERY OLDHAM welcomes an exhibition which looks at the UK’s unique and highly important peat moorland.

‘Crow’ Domain’ by Margaret Uttley

At the heart of this exhibition is a series of drawing and paintings – the ‘Mor’ series by artist Margaret Uttley.

Her paintings give full scope to the complex interplay of land management, conservation and wildlife on the moorlands, ‘Mor’ in ancient Saxon.

Rather than relying on expansive vistas and romantic skies Margaret has tested her skills to the full: experimenting with etched acrylic, scorched wood and unframed formats.

A series of exceptionally large graphite and charcoal drawings form the cornerstone of the exhibition.

Margaret’s work is amplified through a selection of items from Gallery Oldham’s own collections of fine art, natural history and archaeology with their own links to the moors.

The starting point for Margaret’s work are two ‘Grouse-Butts’ poems by Ted Hughes.

Margaret explores broader topics relating to environmental issues such as moorland fires and climate change.

This exhibition highlights these issues and celebrates the hostile beauty within this unique landscape.

The Todmorden-based artist has added an element of work inspired by Oldham’s local moorland landscape. Wildlife specimens from our natural history collections and archaeologic pieces also feature alongside the artist’s work.

Councillor Barbara Brownridge, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Co-operatives, said: “The moors are an important part of the borough’s landscape and we hope this exhibition will inspire visitors of all ages to appreciate how precious and fragile they are.”

The exhibition, which runs until June 4, has been supported by Arts Council England.


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