Get talking at Man Tuesdays at Satellite Centre

MAN Tuesday, a group for men run by men, is offering safe and supportive environment at the Satellite Centre, Greenfield.

The purpose of this supportive group is to create an inclusive, collaborative, non-judgmental opportunity for men to talk openly about their thoughts and feelings and just be themselves. 

Meetings, held on alternative Tuesdays from 6pm-7pm, explore topics such as masculinity, mental health, wellbeing, relationships, life’s challenges and what it means to be a man today. 

Volunteer facilitators bring their skills and experience in mental health, social work and mindfulness to guide the meetings and signpost attendees to other services when appropriate. 

Supported by Action Together Oldham, there is no formal charge for these meeting, which are open to all men regardless of their age, creed or sexuality. 

The only qualification is a readiness to listen respectfully, maintain confidentiality and share appropriately.

Even after just three sessions since late November, comments from attendees suggest the meetings have already been greatly beneficial.

Comments include: “The group offers time and support to share things in a welcoming and supportive friendly environment.”

“It’s good to come somewhere where men really listen to each other in a spirit of empathy and mutual support.”

“It’s a change from pub sessions when banter can quickly turn to bullying. Men can be quite cruel to each other in other settings.”

“We can say what we feel here without being judged or laughed at.”

Paul Wolstenholme, one of the group’s facilitators, said: “We’re creating an atmosphere where men can communicate freely and be themselves without feeling the need to put on an act.”

Man Tuesday’s next sessions will run on January 14, January 28, February 13 and February 27.

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