Green excels on foreign soil

LYDGATE modern pentathlete Olivia Green went into the junior Under-23s European Championships in Poland, which were being held between June 3-9, on the back of two terrific results on foreign soil.

The 19-year-old was victorious in the senior women’s event at the Czech Open and achieved fifth place on her World Cup debut in Hungary.

Olivia, who is in her first season in senior international competition, has excelled with placings in Switzerland, Hungary and Czech Republic as her performances have exceeded expectations.

“Olivia has performed well and to get placings in senior internationals competitions is better than anyone thought she would do at this stage,” explained dad Chris.

“She will be up against competitors three years older in Poland and they will have extra strength, maturity and skill sets. Pentathletes don’t usually reach their peak until their mid to late 20s because they are technical disciplines, especially fencing.”

Olivia’s biggest result to date was victory in the Czech Open in Prague where British women claimed four places in the top seven.

Olivia, who is based at the University of Bath, began with second place in the swimming.

She followed that with a strong performance in fencing recording 17 victories in her 27 fights.

Olivia had one fence down in the showjumping as she was in third place following three of the four disciplines.

It was Green who grabbed the initiative with victory in the laser run shoot to move to top spot in the overall standings.

That success came after Olivia and Joe Choong finished fifth in the mixed relay at the World Cup event in Hungary.

The British team came out of the traps quickly in pool, their time was the second quickest of the day. In the biggest mixed relay field ever assembled at World Cup level, the fencing discipline proved trickier for the youngsters and they finished with 18 victories and 24 defeats from their 42 bouts in the ranking round. A single victory followed in the bonus round and although the Pentathlon GB duo slipped to 15th after two disciplines, they were still within touch of many of the teams in front of them and ready for an afternoon charge.

That started in the horse-riding arena where a controlled round saw Olivia and Choong score 280 points. With weather conditions treacherous in Hungary, the Brits could then sit back and watch as those ahead of them had to face the course. As expected given the conditions, some nations hit trouble, seeing the British pairing move up to 10th heading into the laser run.

With their sights set on those ahead, Olivia and Joe made up ground throughout the run-shoot, eventually finishing fifth thanks to the second quickest laser run of the day.

Olivia had earlier in the year achieved her first piece of international silverware when she won bronze at the Swiss Women International.

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