Greenfield siblings take on headshave for mum to raise £2,000 for The Christie Hospital

THREE brave siblings from Greenfield have lost their locks but gained more than £2,000 for The Christie Hospital after taking on a charity headshave in honour of their mum.

Donna Jones and her brothers Daniel and Scott decided to have their hair shaved off to raise funds for the hospital, which has helped care for their mum Carol, who has lung cancer.

So, they put on a huge family fun day at The Clarence Hotel in Greenfield, including a disco, barbeque, kids crafts, face paint, bouncy castle, stalls and ‘Make a wish’ balloon release.

Friend and hairdresser Becky Metcalfe was on hand to shave the hair of the trio, watched by a large crowd of supportive family and friends including mum Carol and dad Martin.

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Donna, who lives in Greenfield, said: “I’m absolutely overwhelmed with the amount of love and support we have had from everyone!

“I was genuinely ok when my friend Gail Granger started to section off and plait my hair, and we then charged a £5 donation to cut a plait off.

“But when I saw my brothers doing their shave I was starting to get very nervous.

“I wanted my mum to cut the first plait off and when she did I just wanted to cry. It felt so strange and my stomach was in knots!

“I now know how my mum felt when she started to lose her hair through no fault of her own.

My eldest daughter Ella was the second to do it but my youngest Jasmine didn’t want to do it. I think she was overwhelmed with it all.

“Then all of sudden we were bombarded by everyone wanting to cut my hair!

“My very supportive partner John Hudson got in there first. He has supported me through the whole thing and is always on hand to help when needed! He was fantastic on the day.

“I was really happy that my uncle, Glenn Dearnley, got to do the first shave. He battled cancer about eight years ago so it meant a lot for him to do it.

“Then we auctioned off the final big shave and the highest bidder was Michael Thornley, who bid £110.

“He was shaking while shaving my hair – luckily I had my very good friend Becky Metcalfe on hand to sort it out!

“As the numbers was going up and up at the auction I just burst into tears! The support off everyone was just incredible and I can’t thank everyone enough.”

Mum Carol said: “It is marvellous. It’s such a wonderful thing to do. My mum Jean (Dearnley) tried to talk her out of it but she couldn’t!”

Donna added: “Our sister Sophie was on FaceTime in Amsterdam watching and I could see her crying. She told us she is proud of us all and wishes so much she was there.

“I want to say a huge thank you to Michelle Robinson and her family at The Clarence. She has been amazing in the arranging and organising of the event.

“Thank you to everyone who donated prizes for the tombola and to everyone who made cakes and biscuits for the bake sale.

“And an even bigger thank you to everyone who donated on the day and on the Just Giving page. You are all truly amazing.”

The event raised more than £2,000 and counting – and Donna and her family have more plans in the pipeline to raise even more funds.

Donna and her partner John are doing a Mud Run on Saturday, October 14, and when mum Carol gets better, they plan to do a sponsored Sky Dive as a family.

Donna with her mum Carol, dad Martin, brothers Scott and Daniel, and children


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