Greenfield Social club plan passed

THE former social club that served Greenfield Paper Mill is to be demolished and replaced with four houses.

Planning permission for six homes was refused in 2005 because the application was “contrary to green belt policy”.

An appeal was successful in June 2006, though the permission was never implemented.
Saddleworth Parish Council rejected the new proposals earlier this year.

Now Oldham Council planning officers have given the green light to the latest submission on behalf of Isle of Man-based, Hollowoak Limited.

Greenfield Mill, also known as Robert Fletcher’s Ltd, closed in 2001 and the club has been vacant ever since.

The successful application will see the erection of a quartet of detached, four-bedroom properties with associated garages. A total of eight car parking spaces will be created.

A report in support of the application argued: “The application site contains a former social club that has not been in operation for several years and the building remains intact.

“It is therefore considered that it this is a brownfield site because the application site contains buildings and areas of hardstanding present upon it. Evidence of the use is therefore clear.

“We therefore consider that the site meets the definition of previously developed land set out in the National Planning Policy Framework glossary.”

The report goes on to say: “There would be no adverse effects on the existing woodland/landscape features and the proposed development could improve the existing situation by the removal of an unoccupied and derelict former social club.

“The effect on the landscape character in terms of visual amenity would be positive; or put another way, there would be an improvement in landscape character resulting from the site being redeveloped.

“The proposal would not lead to the site appearing more developed than at present it would.”

Demolition works to the buildings, any tree works and scrub clearance should not be undertaken in the main bird breeding season (March-July inclusive), unless nesting birds have found to be absent, by a suitably qualified person.

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  1. It’s such a pity the social club is to be demolished, it was such a fantastic building with a “proper” stage complete with footlights, floodlights etc. , a large, beautiful sprung dance floor, a bar with full sized billiard table, showers for those who used the tennis courts, a
    large kitchen, a large meeting room and living accommodation for the steward and stewardess and family. It was the best facility of it’s kind in the village, probably in all of Saddleworth, what a waste. Since the mill closed I’ve always considered it was a great pity that the
    social club was stood empty. When is the mill going to be demolished, that’s the blot on the landscape?

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