Greenfield to become next village to adopt Zero Zone initiative

A CRACKDOWN campaign on anti-social behaviour in Uppermill is seeing positive results insist local police officers.

And while Zero Zone has still to stamp out trouble in Lees village centre, the scheme is scheduled to make its debut in Greenfield.


The launch of Zero Zone in Uppermill

Zero Zone was initially rolled out in November 2016 and then re-launched 12 months later.

PC Lee Cullen, who has been the focal point of the Uppermill project, said: “The violence we saw in recent years has completely flattened out.

“We don’t get assaults, only a few minor issues.

“We are the only area in the whole of Oldham that does Zero Zone and it is paying dividends.”

Uppermill has become a hot spot for weekend revellers with its mixture of pubs, bars, cafés and restaurants, with many coming from outside Saddleworth.

Addressing members of the Greenfield and Grasscroft Residents’ Association, PC Cullen said: “We have had a few teething issues in Lees and it is going to be a hard nut to crack.

“But we are determined to change the vista of nightlife in Lees from where people may be afraid of going onto the High Street to having a good, safe night out.

“All the licensees have got together and we have put them on a Whats App group so they know exactly what issues are happening.

“We have the Pub Watch scheme as well and if someone is banned from one establishment, they are banned from every establishment across Oldham.

“People that did cause us problems are now tempering their attitude when they are in these establishments.

“And while there aren’t as many places as the other villages we want to roll out Zero Zone into Greenfield.”

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