Half-hourly train service gets backing of councillors

Saddleworth Parish Council has backed proposals to increase the service from Greenfield Train Station to a half-hourly one, responding to a consultation from the Department for Transport.

Of the three options provided, only one would provide Greenfield with something close to its previous half-hourly service.

Greenfield Train station

Responding to a question from the Greenfield Rail Action Group, the Parish Council unanimously supported this option, and will write to the Department of Transport to back this option.

We believe that a regular, frequent train service from Greenfield to Manchester is crucial for reducing traffic on our roads and meeting our ambitions to be a zero-carbon community by 2035.

Whether it is used by commuters or students, for shopping or leisure, a half-hourly service will meet the needs of this community and help to make life easier for residents.

The full report that contains all the consultation questions can be read at: https://tinyurl.com/45pd42g9

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