Hay Tarn Wills: The importance of a Notebook of Funeral Wishes

RAY WITHNALL, owner of Diggle-based company Hay Tarn Wills, looks at the importance of having a notebook of funeral wishes.

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ANYONE WHO has arranged a funeral without knowing the deceased’s wishes would have wondered if they have ‘done the right thing’.

Decisions are required when emotions are running high. Everyone has a point of view and opinion.

It is a very difficult time, which could be made a lot easier if the deceased had the foresight to leave a note to advise family and friends of their personal wishes.

Hay Tarn has prepared the ‘Notebook of Funeral Wishes’ to help families in these situations.

The Notebook asks important questions about arranging a funeral and invites personal preferences to be considered and recorded.

Once completed, and at the appropriate time, the Notebook is available to assistin preparing a fitting celebration knowing the deceased approves the arrangements.

The Notebook asks many questions, including choices of funeral director and who should lead the service. There is room to list music and write down thoughts on an appropriate epitaph. Even leaving blank spaces informs family and friends they should freely express their own thoughts.

The Notebook is a personal testimony and does not have to be shared with anyone, but it should be left in a place where it can be found when it is needed. It isn’t legally binding, so can be changed at any time.

Although the Notebook is challenging, many people have found it is a sensitive way to talk to partners, parents, family and friends about a subject that most of us find difficult to discuss.

On the other hand, some people like to keep their thoughts private and have found writing in the Notebook is the perfect way to preserve their thoughts and wishes.

The Notebook is produced on high quality paper and is the perfect complement to a Will, and just as important.

To order your copy and free advice on your Will, contact Hay Tarn Wills on 01457 820725.


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