Heart’s desire of pub couple

PUBLICAN TOM Harrop and his wife Janette are famed for reaching out and identifying needy causes in the local  community.

But their latest fund-raising initiative has touched the hearts of a school near the Old Original at Scouthead.

GOOD SAMARITANS: Tom Harrop and wife Janette
GOOD SAMARITANS: Tom Harrop and wife Janette

Because the couple, backed by generous customers, have raised more than £1,300 to provide a primary school with a life-saving defibrillator.

And delighted Jane Goodwin, head of Knowsley junior school at Springhead, said: “We have been bowled over by this generous gesture. It  really shows that pubs like Tom and Janette’s do have the community at their heart.

“When they called us to say they had purchased the life-saving equipment for the school it took some time to sink in.

“But now, once we got over the shock of this generous gesture, we realise what a great asset the defibrillator will be. We have already spoken to the school nurse and we are confident we shall be skilled to operate it.”

Said Tom:”There has been lots of talk about all schools having a defibrillator but we decided to do something that would really bring benefit to children in our immediate area.

“Janette and I are deeply touched the machine has been so well received. It is a real tribute to our customers who go out of their way to support worthwhile causes.”

Cllr Nicola Kirkham who was contacted by Tom, said:” It’s wonderful Tom and his customers had raised all this money for this great cause and donated time and effort to think of others in his local community.

“To have a defibrillator placed in a school can save lives and give parents and people of a close-knit community piece of mind.

“Eventually i hope a defibrillator would be standard practise to have one in every school or public place in the area.”

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