Help secure £25,000 for pupils at Bright Futures School

FRIENDS of Bright Futures School (FBFS) need your support to secure vital funding of up to £25,000 to help their pupils.

The parent/teacher association of Bright Futures School for children with autism in Grasscroft is hoping to win the funding from the Aviva Community Fund 2017.

They need public votes to increase their chances of winning the funding, which they hope to use in a pilot project to help parents reduce the severity of their children’s autism.

Research from 2016 has shown it is possible to do this by helping parents to interact with their autistic children in a special way.

The pilot project will help to make the case to local commissioners, and fund similar programmes with families locally, as well as providing a national model.

Ros Hayes, Chair of FBFS, said: “We have already seen the huge difference this autism support programme can make.

“Giving parents the opportunity to use the same approach will be life-changing for families. We would really appreciate your votes.”

Only projects with the most votes will become finalists, and competition is anticipated from larger, better resourced charities – so your vote is vital to helping Bright Futures.

To get behind FBFS, submit your vote online before the end of November:

Bright Futures School for children with autism specialises in aiding children with autism, and bringing a new approach to autism education. FBFS was set up in 2012 and has raised funds for many learning activities for pupils.

For more information on FBFS, visit or find them on Facebook and Twitter.


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