House plan would improve area in village

TWO ‘ramshackle’ garages could be demolished and replaced with a new house that would improve the look of part of Delph.

An application has been submitted to Oldham Council’s planning committee to build a new detached property on Grains Road on the area where the structures stand.

It would be built into the slope, with two storeys showing at the front with three at the back.

Delph garages earmarked for housing

And a design statement leaves little doubt over what effect the development would have, even though it is in a conservation area.

It describes the garages as, ‘ramshackle probably 1960s garages which visually detract from the character and appearance of the conservation area.’

And it adds: “The proposed building is designed in the manner of a traditional cottage, with stone walling and a slate roof

“The property will harmonise with the built pattern of Grains Road, which is composed of terraces of varying length along with occasional detached properties, such as number 65 opposite.

“Accordingly, views along Grains Road will be unaffected and the property will not disrupt the distant view from Denshaw Road to the north that places the conservation area within its moorland setting.”

Oldham Council’s planning committee will decide whether to grant or refuse the application.

2 Replies to “House plan would improve area in village”

  1. I am betting that there will be nothing really traditional about it. No doubt it will look like all the other idenikit stone and slate shoeboxes which have been built over the last 30 years which have little or no architectural merit. I am not objecting to development per se, but could they please put at least some effort in what they build unlike Wigget et al.

  2. I’m all for the occasional new build houses, as long as it is in keeping with the surrounding weavers cottages and countryside.

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