Isle of Skye road to Holmfirth to close for resurfacing

UNSUSPECTING motorists face a 30-mile diversion due to the impending closure of one of Saddleworth’s busiest roads.

From Monday, February 10 the A635 ‘Isle of Skye’ road connecting Greenfield with Holmfirth will be shut for re-surfacing.

The moorland route from the Clarence hotel roundabout, Greenfield, to the West Yorkshire boundary will be closed 24 hours a day for a maximum 10 days.

However, westbound traffic from Holmfirth will be able to travel through to Saddleworth under a rolling roadblock and with long delays expected.

While local knowledge will enable drivers to reach Holmfirth via Marsden and Meltham, out of area motorists will be sent on a 30-mile, hour-long detour.

The alternative route is A635 Manchester Road/Wakefield Road/A6018 Mottram Road, A 628 Manchester Road/Woodhead Road/A616 Whams Road/ Sheffield Road/A635 Holmfirth Road/New Mill Road.

3 Replies to “Isle of Skye road to Holmfirth to close for resurfacing”

  1. “The moorland route from the Clarence Hotel roundabout to the West Yorkshire boundary willl be closed 24 houa day for a maximum of 10 days”
    Can you please find reporters with more inetellectual ability – the Clarence Hotel is, and always has been, in West Yorkshire – despite paying council tax to the socialist republic of Oldham MBC. Ignorance is no excuse for inaccurate reporting..
    Saddleworth is within the White Rose county and always will be!!!!

    1. Partially correct, Keith. The Clarence is indeed in the historic county of Yorkshire, West Riding. But not part of the administrative county of West Yorkshire which is an artificial construct dating from 1974.

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