IT: a small word with big implications for youngsters’ futures at St Anne’s

YOU are never too young these days to learn computer skills as youngsters at St Anne’s C of E Primary, Lydgate are discovering.

And thanks to fundraising efforts of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), children are becoming IT literate on a collection of new equipment.Nearly £6,000 of more than £8,000 raised during the last school year has been spent purchasing 12 iPads and 15 Chromebooks.

PTA member and mum, Louise Robinson, explained: “The school is trying to prepare kids going forward.

“We believe children who are in school now, the jobs they will have when they are older, don’t even exist.

“That’s how much technology is moving forward. My little boy, Xander, is in year one and he is using one though the main focus will be on year six.

“We want to raise a good generation across the board rather than a percentage that are doing well.

“When we looked ahead to 2018-19 we wanted to try and have an impact on the school and education and raise a decent amount that would really make a difference.

“We tried to run the PTA fundraising from a business point of view and it has really helped.

“And since Katie Hodson took over as head of the PTA everyone has come together helped by support from the headteacher Joanne Cunningham.

“The kids are really engaged too and understand now what the PTA is and what we are all about.”

Springhead-based Lorraine helped raise £700 towards the total, donating a percentage of money to the PTA from any parent or anyone associated with St Anne’s booking a holiday through her travel company Not Just Travel.

“But anything the school has done we have tried to hook on to and engage with the parents,” she added.

“We have also started a 100 Club with local businesses donating prizes.”

Lorraine is currently in Colombia undertaking a 75 kilometres trek to reach The Lost City of Teyuna, hidden in the Sierra Nevada National Park.

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