It’s ‘T’ time in Delph – confusion over road signs

IT is unlikely to send a Sat Nav into meltdown but two Delph road signs are causing eagle eyed motorists to do double takes.

Depending on the direction of travel, drivers are faced with a choice of ‘T’ for two or ‘T’ for one.

Approaching the junction with Knarr Barn Lane and Hill Top Lane, you will find Knot Hill Lane.

Travel a few hundred metres towards the village centre, another piece of road furniture-at the junction with Stoneswood Road-correctly shows Knott Hill Lane.

An Oldham Council spokesperson said: “We ordered the correct sign but it was manufactured wrongly and wasn’t spotted.

“A new one has been ordered to replace it with the manufacturers covering the cost.”

The incorrect sign will, however, remain in place until the replacement is ready to avoid any confusion to road users.

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