Knowsley Junior School turns back time for Victorian Week

THE cane was back at Knowsley Junior School – but thankfully only briefly as pupils and staff turned back time for Victorian Week.

The annual event, organised by history co-ordinator Stephen Potts, saw lessons for the week take on a Victorian theme, including games and activities.

And each year group had a different focus to explore, with Year 3 looking at Victorian children in school while Year 4 learned about Dr Barnardo and effect he had on children’s lives.

Year 5 studied the Victorian influence on the local area, including a walk around Springhead to look at the architecture and Year 6 studied the cotton industry and industrial revolution, including the building of the railway.

On the final day, staff and pupils could dress up in Victorian attire, with the eye-catching costumes ranging from Miss Vanessa Payne’s strict headteacher outfit complete with cane to dirty chimney sweeps and poor children.

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