Landlord fights commercial crime rise with new business watch

A SPRINGHEAD landlord is helping lead the fight back against an unprecedented three-month crime spree to sweep through Saddleworth’s villages. 

p12 sadd biz watch stickers
Business Watch sticker at the Dog and Partridge

In the process, Mark Hughes, licensee of the Dog and Partridge on Oldham Road, is also raising support for homeless charity, Cold Nights.

After a rise in commercial crimes at the start of this year and frustrated by a lack of action Mark recently set up an invite-only Facebook page, Saddleworth Business Group.

It quickly attracted more than 250 members, enabling people to share experiences and discuss ways of keeping their premises safer and potentially burglar proof.

Single dad Mark also had printed 500 Business Watch stickers to raise awareness of the group and was delighted to receive nearly 300 initial requests.

“Everyone was screaming about the problems but no one seemed to be doing anything about it,” Mark told the Saddleworth Independent.

“I spend a lot of time on Facebook so I set up the group and it has gone from there.

“We are all in the same boat and everyone needs to stick together. This is a good way to communicate and share information as well as keeping up the community spirit.”

Mark intended dropping off his free-of-charge, eye-catching stickers but because of the response is still catching up with requests.

So, he urges any business owners wanting to promote the scheme to collect them in person from the Dog and Partridge.

“I don’t want payment but I’m involved with a local charity for the homeless called Cold Nights,” he explained. “There is a lot of wrong in the world and helping out is something I feel quite passionate about.

“We’ve already had people dropping off clothes, food, sleeping bags. So, if anyone who collects a sticker feels they can donate something, I’d really appreciate it.”


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