Life-long photographer captures Saddleworth over the decades

THERE IS barely a hillside in Saddleworth which has escaped the camera of a dedicated photographer who has spent his lifetime transforming images from negative to positive.

Cyril Fogg, 83, first caught the photography bug from his grandfather as a young boy and since then has taken thousands of images across the community and beyond.

Cyril Fogg

From colourful, rolling hills and village scenes in all seasons to intimate close-ups of plants, flowers and creatures large and small, the grandfather of two has captured it all.

“It was quite a dramatic start though,” Cyril admitted. “I had my camera with brand new plates made by a friend and I went right up to the top of Chew Valley to take some pictures.

“But I dropped the camera with the plates in it! I’ve been very careful ever since.”

In the following decades, keen walker Cyril, from Scouthead, has trod thousands of miles with camera in hand and wife Carol at his side in pursuit of his passion.

The result is a stunning gallery of thousands of images from around Saddleworth, the Lake District, the Scottish Highlands, the Isle of Skye and more.

Alphin Pike

But one of Cyril’s favourite spots to photograph lies right on his doorstep – the Huddersfield Narrow Canal behind Saddleworth Museum in Uppermill.

“You can can shoot with a long lens to play with the view of the canal, to make it look longer or shorter,” he revealed. “And the colours so are vivid especially in autumn.”

Now, to share his images, Cyril, a former teacher of craft design and technology, has launched a website where he sells his pictures in aid of Forget-me-not children’s hospice.

The website was made by two students at Huddersfield University in return for Cyril’s help with their exhibition and restoring old cameras for them.

Cyril explained: “I take pictures to enjoy them, not to make money. I just want other people to enjoy them too so I decided to sell them and donate the proceeds to charity.

Summer colour of flowers

“One day I was stood out in the snow in the middle of the field to take pictures of the sunrise and people kept stopping to ask if I was alright – but that’s just what I do.

“I have photographed so many places over the years which are completely different now so it’s a historical record of views and sights we’ll never get again.”

Carol added: “We’re in a great location here as well, looking right over the hills to see the sunsets and the sunrises.”

Visit Cyril’s website at or find him on Facebook. Enquiries can also be sent to:


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