Local Youtube sensations Tesco Greenfield release third Rockstar video to entertain customers

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Happy: Tesco Greenfield staff

LOCAL YOUTUBE sensations from Tesco in Greenfield are back by popular demand with their third video to entertain customers.

Mike Milenko and Craig Slater set about making their first film in 2012 by bringing the staff together to mime Nickelback’s ‘Rockstar’ – amassing nearly 2,000 views online.

Mike, who worked in Tesco in 2010, explained: “Craig knew I had a hobby making music videos and he had an idea of raising money for charity by making a staff video.

“The shoot went well and was filmed in days with no budget. I just gave staff a set of lyrics to perform. Unfortunately this can be seen in the video but I feel it adds to the cheesiness.”

Mike gets a kiss from a couple of fans

Craig left shortly after due to health problems so nothing was filmed in 2013 but in 2014 Mike decided to continue the Tesco Rockstar saga with Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’.

He directed, filmed and edited the production, with staff acting out the lines from the song, while his brother Phillip Edge designed the poster to go up in store.

Once more the video was a huge success, with Youtube views soon rising to more than 4,000.

“It was well received and made the staff feel like little superstars,” said Mike.

“Customers would come in with big grins and refer to the video, saying it made them view the staff in a different light. We were all very proud.”

Now this year Mike has filmed a third ‘Rockstar’ video to ‘Happy’ by Pharrell to give another thrill to their growing fan base.

Mike said: “I was approached by one such fan, Luke Mills, who saw me filming in store and excitedly asked if I was filming another Rockstar.

“His mother, Nicola, then confessed he has seen the other Rockstar videos hundreds of times and saw the staff almost like mini celebrities.

Screenshot_2015-12-20-17-51-07“I said it would be an honour if Luke would appear in the video. I filmed his scene but was so impressed by his on screen charisma that I wrote an entire role for him, making him the focus of the video.

“I was trying to show the Tesco values within Luke’s persona – every little helps and treat others as you would want to be treated. I wanted Luke to be the true Rockstar of the piece.

“There is also a nod to Craig at the end. As Luke walk to checkouts, there is a staff announcement tannoy (recorded in 2012) for Mike Milenko to return to the checkouts.”

The video will be the final in the trilogy for Mike as he left Tesco Greenfield midway through filming after being promoted to Team Support at Tesco Middleton Extra.

“I continued with the edit and made sure I gave the wonderful staff and customers a leaving present they would remember for years to come,” he concluded.


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  1. It was an idea I had in my mind for a while, Mike Milenko made it in to a reality, his commitment to the project was just superb.
    The staff that got involved had so much fun and are a great team of people and are a credit the store and Greenfield. they made the store a great meeting place for local people. Well done Mike and all the rockstars involved.

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