Loss of life fear after increasing spate of accidents in Dobcross

CONCERNED residents fear an accident-plagued stretch of Dobcross road could see serious injury or even loss of life if more is not done to curb speeding motorists.

Fencing, walls, a telegraph pole and a number of vehicles have been struck in a series of accidents on Wall Hill Road, close to its junction with the A62 Huddersfield Road.

Oldham Council has undertaken a number of traffic calming measures and carried out skid resistance tests. New chevron signs have been ordered.

However, homeowners are pressing for more improvements, including the erection of crash barriers.

They also want police to carry out speed enforcement despite difficulties caused by the nature of the road layout.

“You only have to watch traffic flying up and down and the speed they are going is madness,” one concerned individual told the Independent.

“This spate of incidents has been going on since June. We know of five in the last four months but they have actually been going on years.

“It is lucky no-one has been killed. However, it is only a matter of time before that happens or there is a serious injury.

“If these vehicles can bounce off the pavement and flip over, it could be they fly into properties.

“If pedestrians are walking up at that point, they are dead, aren’t they?

“There should have crash barriers all the way up. That way it is helping to save lives and saving people money from their own pocket having to repair fences and walls.”

Another resident said: “My car has been smashed into twice outside the house, the garden has been obliterated twice and on one occasion we had car in the garden.

“There is an increasing number of collisions and accidents over the last 12 months. Almost every week there is a skid or collision into the poles.

“The issues are the speed of the driving and the recklessness of the driving.

“But equally the bend at the top makes cars unsteady when they come round it. The surface is inadequate for the nature of that sharp bend.

“There are 30 mph signs at the top of the road but that is not a safe speed to go round the bend.

“Even drivers trying to maintain a sensible speed are losing control as evidenced by the lady who ended up in my garden. And she wasn’t speeding.

“Oldham Council seem to be delaying on their reaction to all these accidents.

“I have lost a car I have had for 10 years which was in a good condition. My daughter had only had her car a week and that was damaged.

“But I would also stress we have an equal number of accidents with vehicles coming up Wall Hill Road.”

Another person said: “It does not make a scrap of difference putting ‘slow’ on the road. We need police with speed cameras.

In Tameside, the council responded to residents’ calls and erected crash barriers on a notorious stretch of the A635, where it crosses the Huddersfield Canal, after a series of accidents close to a similar bend to the one on Wall Hill Road.

Councillor Ateeque Ur Rehman, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood Services, said: “We know high quality, safe, durable roads are important to residents and motorists.

“That’s why we monitor our roads and do everything we can to make sure motorists and pedestrians stay safe,

“To encourage road users to take appropriate care on the road, we have recently refreshed the white road markings, and enhanced the 30mph speed limit signs to ensure motorists are aware of the relevant warnings and abide by the restrictions.

“We will look to prioritise the introduction of any further measures if needed.

“We’re also working with the police to ensure they take enforcement action to prevent speeding in the area.”

• Since interviewing residents another accident took place on Friday, October 25.

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