Love birds: Church Inn peacock gone to pot?

AMUSED regulars at a well-known country pub reckon a small white peacock should go to Specsavers…

Little white peacock falls in love with a model at the Church Inn

Every morning the one-year-old bird settles down to gaze fondly at a ceramic pot which is an image of itself.

The ornament sits in the conservatory window at The Church Inn, opposite Saddleworth Parish Church above Uppermill.

“It’s the oddest thing,” said puzzled Julian Taylor, who is landlord of the ancient hostelry for 28 years.

“Both the real bird and the ornament are white but, with the bird being so young, we don’t know what sex it is yet.

“It comes and sits at the conservatory door every day gazing at the pot. It’s ironic because there’s some love hearts too nearby!

“The real peafowl seems to see the model as some kind of soul mate. It seems to offer comfort and companionship. But it has certainly raised a few eyebrows among locals.”

Peacocks are males and called peafowls while females are peahens. There are three distinct species of peafowl existing, with different coloration.

According to United Peafowl Association Knowledge Base, the first colour variation was the blackshoulder, which appeared in 1830 but when the white first appeared is unknown.

Peafowl generally live somewhere between 10 and 20 years in the wild, but in captivity there have been peafowl reported to have lived up to 50 years.

Julian, a father of four, explained: “We inherited the peacocks. They’ve been here for years and they actually live in the trees surrounding the pub.

“Sometimes in winter they congregate on the roof, nestling near the chimneys to enjoy the warmth from our coal fires in the bars and lounges.”

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