Makes you feel sick: Phantom vomiter leaving Greenfield residents queasy

A PHANTOM vomiter is leaving some Greenfield residents feeling extremely queasy.

A bag of vomit left on Manchester Road

Plastic bags full of vomit are being left on a weekly basis along a secluded path popular with dog owners and walkers heading for the Tame Valley bridleway.

On many occasions the culprit deposits the bags in a bus shelter on Manchester Road.

Now local home owners are stepping up attempts to identify the person responsible, fearful the perpetrator is in need of urgent medical help.

“The amount of vomit is seriously shocking,” said one resident who didn’t wish to be named.

“Fortunately, or not, they always manage to get it into a convenient plastic bag.

“Then, under cover of darkness, leaves it either in the bus shelter on Manchester Road, or at the side of the roadway on Station Lane.

“Over the weeks, another resident has taken the trouble to remove these bags, as they are a serious health risk, and attract dogs and some of the local wild life.

The spot where some of the bags of vomit have been left

“Initially, it was very sporadic and has gone on for at least 12 months, so bags could have been left elsewhere, or picked up by other residents.

“However, just recently it has become more regular, almost weekly and concentrated on the area around Station Lane, including the bus shelter and passage way between Manchester Road and Station Lane.

“Other residents have noticed and commented on the regularity of the bags, but few want to move them.”

One of the locals responsible for removing the bags told the Independent: “As fast as I clear them up, they keep re-appearing.

“It has been one every other day but recently, I have been moving one every day.

“It is a mystery but I have come to the conclusion the person responsible is quite poorly and they are coming here to where it is secluded because they are hiding it from someone.

“Perhaps they have an eating disorder? So, I am sympathetic if that’s the case.

“But it is still irresponsible because it is creating a health hazard.

“The path is used by a lot of dog walkers and their dogs are being drawn to the bags due to the smell.”


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