Marshals set to return to Saddleworth beauty spot

NEW MARSHALS will be patrolling Dovestone Reservoir in a bid to further enforce Peak District National Park rules.

The Dovestones Marshals Scheme swings into action tomorrow, February 23 and two marshals will be deployed at the much loved beauty spot.

The marshals are trained staff and will be on hand to ensure that the site runs smoothly whilst also highlighting Peak Park Rules.

Users will also receive leaflets at the entrance to the Saddleworth site and the new officials will be on duty throughout the weekend.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said: “There is a partnership managing the Dovestone site, working closely together to make the visitors experience as enjoyable and as safe as possible.

“We will adapt our approach to tackle activity at the site and look to the Saddleworth local community to support us in our efforts.”


3 Replies to “Marshals set to return to Saddleworth beauty spot”

  1. It’s a pity that this is necessary. If everyone used decency and common sense, a whole lot of resources could be used elsewhere.

  2. It looks like they need to arrange for bigger rubbish bins to be put in place, or for them to be emptied slightly more often.

  3. If people took there rubbish home there would be no need for bins. The bins that are around Dovestone Reservoir are meant for dog waste.

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