Maundy Thursday tradition upheld in Greenfield to support NHS

A CENTURIES old fair has been held to support NHS workers while maintaining tradition in a Saddleworth village.

Every year stallholders gather at Road End crossroads in Greenfield for an annual market.

Legend has it the Magna Carta of 1215 decrees at least one stall must open on Maundy Thursday.

If not, the privilege provided by the ancient document would cease and an Act of Parliament would be required to re-start what was originally known as a ‘chartered pot fair’.

This year’s event was in doubt due to the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing regulations.

However Tony Simpson and wife Donna, landlord and landlady at the King William IV pub stepped in to ensure the Easter tradition continued.

Tony and Donna Simpson outside the King William IV

They raised £239, which will be donated to the National Health Service.

Across the road on Kinders Lane, Dr Robert Scott also set up his own stall with essential goods, including loo rolls, with proceeds again going to the NHS.

Their collective efforts were appreciated by villagers, who supported the NHS with their purchases.

4 Replies to “Maundy Thursday tradition upheld in Greenfield to support NHS”

  1. Huge appreciation of the people who have saved centuries of tradition by their efforts here. Thanks also to the Saddleworth independent for covering this and evidencing it for future generations

  2. Well done Tony , Donna and Dr Scott thank you for keeping the tradition going , I was always told ” if there wasnt a stall at Road End on Maundy Thursday , there can never be one again …..” Thank you for keeping our Tradition Going , goes back to the Magna Carta x

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