Millie is just wild about her flowers

MOTORISTS driving along Delph New Road have community conscious Dobcross schoolgirl Millie Jones to thank for the vivid splash of colour to have appeared over the summer.

But it’s the bees and butterflies who are most grateful to eight-year-old Millie’s environmental campaigning.

Earlier this year the Independent reported how the Holy Trinity C of E School pupil wrote to Oldham Council and Oldham East and Saddleworth MP Debbie Abrahams to improve a litter strewn, unkempt roadside verge in the village.

She also organised a petition with more than 300 signatures, signed by schoolfriends and customers at Dobcross Village Store.

The petition reads: “I would like Oldham Council to help us to improve our area by cleaning the broken glass and rubbish from Delph New Road by the playing fields and plant wildflowers to help our wildlife.”

Proud mum Emma said: “We thought nothing more of it but the Council emailed back straight away saying thank you for your interest in the environment and that they would do the work for Millie.

“After the Council moved the broken glass and litter and planted the seeds, we weren’t sure they would take.

“They did it just before Whit Friday and we have had hardly any rain since then.

“Then we saw one little poppy appear before all the rest came out.”

Millie sees the rewards of her efforts every day she walks to school.

“It used to be very muddy and full of litter but now it’s lovely,” said Millie.

“It’s great to see so many bees and butterflies visiting the flowers.

“Hopefully, people will stop dropping and throwing litter and look at the flowers instead.”

Cllr Arooj Shah, Oldham Council’s Cabinet Member of Neighbourhood Services, said: “We were over the moon when Millie got in touch with us.

“People like Millie can really make a difference to an area and this is a shining example of residents taking it upon themselves to improve the look and feel of their open space.

“Wild Flowers are an ideal flower as they not only add colour but are self-sustainable.

“We always encourage everyone to love where they live and look after their alleyways and open spaces.

“We hope the residents on Delph New Road enjoy the burst of colour every day when they pass the flowers.”

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  1. I drive past that verge quite a lot, and each time I’ve thought how lovely it is, and it would be great to have wildflowers on all verges.
    Well done to Millie for making a difference!

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