Mindful Mondays to help people enjoy ‘a happier, calmer life”

DEVELOP a mindful and compassionate approach so you can enjoy ‘a happier, calmer life’ thanks to new Mindful Mondays sessions.

The Satellite Centre in Greenfield has been awarded funding from Oldham’s Recovery Grant to run the Zoom sessions on Monday evenings.

The Satellite Centre in Greenfield

The sessions will be open to everyone across the borough and will be led by Simon Attridge and Steve Whitehouse, qualified instructors trained by Breathworks.

Mindfulness Meditation techniques can help to:

  • improve awareness of ourselves and other people
  • notice and deal with everyday stress and anxiety
  • develop a sense of mental and physical well-being
  • understand our thoughts and feelings better
  • wake up to our senses
  • enjoy life more.

“I’m interested in various tools and techniques to help people find some creativity, get unstuck and enjoy life more fully,” said Steve. “Mindfulness provides those tools.”

“Mindful awareness developed through regular meditation and simple adjustments to daily life can become a resource for a happier, calmer life and an aid to slowing down a busy mind,” added Simon.

These sessions based on Breathworks’ training are designed to help relieve the stress of pain and health conditions, using techniques recognised by NICE and practised by health professionals.

Trustees at the Satellite are promoting these sessions as an outreach project before running regular Mindfulness sessions at the centre on Wellington Road when people can meet in person.

“A lot of people have suffered a great deal of stress during the pandemic,” said trustee chair, Mike Rooke. “Mindfulness can help us to develop a calmer, more focused approach to life.”

The sessions start on Monday, April 19 but participants can join in from any date. To find out more and obtain the Zoom link, email mindfulmondaysoldham@gmail.com

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