Neigh-bourhood watch: horse and mountain bike riders invited to help police

Saddleworth law enforcers are looking to recruit a new team of crime detectors – providing you own a horse or mountain bike.

Rural Mounted logoTo help reduce the area’s offences spike over the past 12 months, Greater Manchester Police aim to launch a novel method of boosting their detection rate.

The Rural Mounted Volunteer Observers scheme has already been piloted by Lancashire Police in the Ribble Valley.

Now it is set to be trialled in Saddleworth with horse and mountain bike riders acting as extra pairs of eyes throughout the community.

A meeting will take place at Uppermill Civic Hall on Sunday, April 2, between 11am and 3pm when local officers will outline their proposals to potential volunteers.

PC Lee Cullen explained: “As a horse or mountain bike rider you will be able to get to areas we, as the police, can sometimes find difficult to access.

“You will also see things on your ride out that might be of interest to the police such as abandoned vehicles and fly tipping to name just two.

“As one of the Rural Mounted Volunteers (RMV) we will give you a reporting mechanism with clear guidance on how to record information that is concise and to the point.

“There will be opportunities for training and building on your knowledge of road awareness with courses hosted by the British Horse Society.

“We envisage additional training will be made available to you as the roles grow and mature.

“This will be a great opportunity to take part in a truly community based initiative that is of real benefit for all the community of Saddleworth.”

The event on April 2 will enable volunteers to collect an information pack and register interest in the scheme.

Also in attendance will be trainers and riders from Saddleworth’s horse riding community, Dinah Bioletti, who launched the scheme in the Ribble Valley, and several members of the Ribble Valley volunteers.


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