New defibrillator at Uppermill pub receives church dedication

A MOUNTAIN rescue vehicle, bell ropes, even a carpet are some of the more unusual items blessed by Hilary Edgerton during her career in the church.

To that list can be added Saddleworth’s latest life-saving piece of equipment thanks to the fund raising efforts of an Uppermill pensioner and generosity of Round Table.Hilary, an assistant priest with the Church of England Saddleworth, held a special dedication service for a defibrillator, newly installed at the Church Inn on Running Hill Gate.

In attendance were Ron Bunting, the instigator of the project, Caroline Tamworth, who earlier this year helped raise money for a defib at Kilngreen Church, Diggle, Matthew Sykes, community projects officer from Round Table and Church Inn landlord, Julian Taylor.

“It struck me there wasn’t a defibrillator here and the nearest one was down in Uppermill at the Civic Hall so I decided we needed one,” explained Ron.

“If you can get to a defibrillator within 10 minutes of a heart attack or cardiac arrest there is a 70 percent chance of recovery otherwise you are down to about eight percent.

“I approached Julian and he jumped at the chance straight away and said he would be prepared to situate it on the wall outside the pub.

“Then I was told Caroline had helped raise money for the defibrillator a Kilngreen. She told me how she had done it in Diggle so we followed the same path.

“We raised around £500 and then approached Round Table who said they would top up what we were short. And they did that.

“Caroline doesn’t like me saying but she has been a godsend to me.”

A short service was held by the defibrillator which is accessible to the public 24/7. The Reverend Edgerton said: “We have come here to recognise the value of human life symbolised by the installation of this defibrillator.

“We pray for those people who might need it in extreme conditions and those who use it in attempt to save lives.”

The Round Table contributed nearly £1,400 towards the purchase and installation of the equipment.

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