New digital network to bring pets and people closer

A SADDLEWORTH businessman has launched a brand new global digital network to help bring you and your furry companions even closer than ever.

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Paul Rooney

Paul Rooney, who has lived in Grasscroft for 20 years, is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Samsaroon Limited, who launched The PawTel Club in November 2016.

The networking portal will market digital pet products and services, and has a magazine section providing articles on a variety of subjects by renowned authors.

And by deploying its own unique software, it can take digital information from wearables such as health monitors and GPS trackers on cats and dogs and interpret it in the form of email, tweets and voicemail.

The first product to use the service, the PawTel 1000, enables customers to register and connect to the new network online immediately.

“We have launched The PawTel Club with the aim of providing the largest worldwide online networking portal for pet owners and their pets,” said Mr Rooney.

“Our software uses digital technology to improve communications between pet and owner on an individual basis.

“It is an exciting concept and one that we believe will capture the attention and imagination of pet owners very quickly.

“We want a cat or dog owner to feel even closer to their pet using digital products which interface with our network.

“Typically, pet owners love using social media to share information about their animals, so it makes sense to provide a service which facilitates better communication via these routes.

“We are developing our network, hardware and software technology to help pet communication. The algorithms can analyse and simplify a huge amount of information and make it easily accessible to their owners through electronic means.”

Samsaroon Limited has also set up an alliance with Pets in Print Publications, a ground-breaking new online magazine, available exclusively through The PawTel Club website.

“We want The PawTel experience to be fun,” said Mark Rooney, Samsaroon’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

“We were delighted to learn about Pets in Print magazine. It is going to be a formidable partnership.”

Find out more on The PawTel Club website:


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