New Saddleworth Home Watch chairs rallies community

A COMMUNITY-MINDED mother of two has taken over a key community role as chair
of Saddleworth Home Watch.

Carole Knowles, from Grasscroft, has issued a rallying call to locals saying her intention is to recruit new members.

The freelance bookkeeper has been a regular attender to the Home Watch meetings for several years and took over as chair from Paul Attwell last month.

She said: “I am hoping Home Watch will help promote personal responsibility for community safety by encouraging members to improve home and personal security.

“I will encourage members to share crime information and keep an eye on each other’s homes and possessions, particularly giving special consideration to vulnerable neighbours.

“By working together with a group of people living in the same area, this will hopefully make their neighbourhood safer, reduce crime and improve quality of life.”

She added: “I am working on a schedule of meetings for this year and I’ll be communicating with Saddleworth Police regarding their availability.”

You can contact Carole by email:

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