New Year brings change for Slimmin’ Without Women in Greenfield

AFTER all the excesses of the festive season, there is a chance to take control with Slimmin Without Women sessions at the Satellite Centre in Greenfield.


The sessions are run by men for men on Thursdays at 6-7pm, with an optional hour of exercise till 8pm.

Nearly 70 per cent of men are classed as overweight or obese,” said group leader Phil Brooke.

“An expanding waistline is a major sign of potential future health issues.”

A simple weight and size check can be carried out bycutting a piece of string to your height and folding it in half and then popping it around your waist (from your belly-button).

“If the string doesn’t quite fit all the way around, then maybe it’s time to think about making some changes,” said Phil.

Slimmin’ Without Women is for men who are ready to lose a little weight, get a little more active and make positive lifestyle changes.

The group meets each week to offer the support and motivation needed to help take control of men’s weight, health and wellbeing.

“If you are ready to change, then come along and join us. We’ll make a real difference to your health and well-being,” said Phil.

For more information call Phil on 07919 917612 or email

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