Nicola to entertain VIPs

A DYNAMIC Saddleworth businesswoman is set to take centre stage at a keynote conference this month.

SINGING STAR: Nicola Jeffery-Sykes
SINGING STAR: Nicola Jeffery-Sykes

Doctor Nicola Jeffrey-Sykes will not only be attending this year’s Federation of Small Businesses event  as a delegate but she will be performing live in front of her peers and leading members of The Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet.

The conference will take place at The Curve in Leicester on  March 21 – a carefully-chosen venue as the city is a key business hub in the East Midlands, contributing around £11 billion and providing over 400,000 jobs to the local economy.

As part of the entertainment for the evenings’ social activities at local nightspot, Bistro Live, EUHealth managing director, Nicola will  will perform Patricia the Stripper by Chris de burgh and I Hate Men from Kiss me Kate.

A doctor of management science, she is an accomplished pianist and stage performer  and  auditioned for several top  shows including Britain’s Got Talent, The X-Factor and The Voice.

She confides: “I am really excited about this musical challenge – particularly as there will be leading government officials in attendance..”

Uppermill-based EUHealth, the trading name of Claridata Limited, is a provider of online and offline marketing services to suppliers and incumbents of the healthcare sector.

With a database of over 1.5 million contact records covering the 27 countries of the European Union, they have  an online portal allowing customers to carry out their own searches and downloads for their health-centric marketing campaigns.

They provide a wide range of services including  Email broadcast, survey, both online and voice campaigns and planning document services, helping suppliers to healthcare to focus their marketing activities more finely and to reach the exact audience they wish to target.

EUHealth provides learning training and clinician examination services to health sector incumbents, including clinician focused CPD training and compliance related online learning courses.

The Uppermill-based company has established a range of health, beauty and lifestyle products, designed to provide an alternative to traditional prescribed treatments.

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