Nordic Walking group puts best foot forward

p33 nordic walking glodwick lows
NORDIC WALKING: A recent outing to Glodwick Lows

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‘WHERE IS the snow’ is a question Nordic Walking Saddleworth often hears… and not surprisingly.

Nordic walking has its origins in cross country skiing where it was developed to keep these super-fit sports people fit out of season.

Here in the UK, it is becoming increasingly popular as an activity that suits virtually anybody and is as enjoyable as it is beneficial.

Caroline Fisher, leader of Nordic Walking Saddleworth, explained: “Lots of people think Nordic Walking is just walking with poles. It is so much more than that.

“The poles propel you along and mean your upper body gets a workout as well as your lower body. One participant on my taster session said they would never walk without poles again!”

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Caroline Fisher

As a Nordic Walking UK delivery partner, Caroline teaches their award-winning programme to make sure all her members get the most out of their sessions.

When they have learnt the proper technique they move onto one or more of the many walks Caroline, and sometimes her walk leader, Julie, lead across Saddleworth.

Sometimes these may be leisurely to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings while at other times they may be more like a workout, using hills and speed to increase participants’ fitness levels.

The group is growing rapidly and there are lots of exciting plans in the diary including social events too.

Caroline offers free taster sessions most weeks so get in touch and find out more about what this exciting form of activity can do for you. Call Caroline on 07752 549 168 or go online.


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